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The Integrated Project Plan concerns an area positioned at the edge of the north west territory of the Pero town authority, at Cerchiate, between the two main access roads crossing the district the Turin-Milan motorway and the main road for Sempione, on the border of the Rho neighborhoods and in front of the New Trade Fair Centre of Milan.
The territory also crosses the river Olona.
It consists of a huge area of 200,000 sqm approximately, enclosed by scattered and mixed buildings of different types and sizes as well as important elements of infrastructure. The plan concentrates the building work into the north section of the area in order to give maximum space to the park which will extend over 140,000 sqm Residential buildings of 3 – 4 floors will be located in this northern section near to service/hotel buildings whose height reaches 19 floors.
The gardens have been located so as to connect them to other green areas and to the already existing equipment for the public, as planned by Pero authority’s urban project. Both banks of the river Olona are to be organized with tree-lined pedestrian tracks. A town park has been planned within the building area, a green belt of about 134,000 sqm. The general style of the plan, although the basically modern, is a reminder of traditional design with foot paths the principle ones with covered porticos, and a
central square.

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