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The project involves the expansion and conversion to the destination conference halls 5 and 6 fieramilanocity and their integration with the existing adjacent MIC. With 18,000 seats, an auditorium with 1,500 people, a plenary hall of 4,500 seats total, 73 modular rooms from 20 to 2,000 seats, 54,000 sqm of exhibition support, the new MIC Plus, since 2011, will be the convention center Europe’s largest.
The project bears the signature of the architect Mario Bellini for the exterior spaces and of the architect Pierluigi Nicolin for the organization of interior spaces.

The architectural sign that marks the MIC Plus is the “Comet”, a lighting cover of 15 thousand square meters to 46 meters high.
Integration of urban planning, green, architecture is an expression of a large project that has moved in a sign of social responsibility that characterizes the approach of Fondazione Fiera Milano, as well as the innovative and complex system of photovoltaic panels that will make MIC is an example of structure Car sustainable energy.

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