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The campus is composed by four main buildings corresponding respectively to the kindergarten, primary, secondary and a multipurpose gym. Great care has been used in the building inclusion in a landscape subject to environmental
constraints. The choice has been to disaggregate the various school functions required in low volumes in accordance with the urban structure and the countryside landscape.
The gym volume, that for the internal dimensions wasn’t possible to be downsized, was placed along the downstream slope, sunk in the ground and the roof has been treated as a green roof. These features make it possible not to perceive the actual size of the object.
The volumes emerging from the current square level are connected with a second volume in the basement that develops along the site natural orography. In this way it was intended on the one hand to reduce the environmental impact by adapting the buildings to the natural slope gradient, and reduce the volume of excavation, even because the rocky nature of the subsoil.

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