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The whole architectural composition is the result of a complex process of iteration, which aims to mediate between the constraints imposed by the plant-floor plan of distribution and the need for proper integration into the urban sector assigned. This foreword led to a formal and balanced architectonic object.
The building is an elliptical plant cilinder cracked at the two short coners to allow access and facades on the first floor, fully glazed from floor to ceiling. The oval roof is held in place with a steel trusses structure that spans over 110 m of clearance at 21 m above the playground.
The oval section, slightly sloping, helps to give dynamism to a building of considerable mass.
Leaving from the main volume an envelopping metallic wall generates an enclosed space, a square that is also an invitation to the entrance area. The main front, in the top, comes off the main curved body and displays instantly with elegance and efficiency the access point system.

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