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The architectonic project is measured with the topographical and orographic map reading. The origin of the curvy and extended shape of the area is the axis of the road called “statale briantea” and the lines of the hills that give the shape to a complex landscape, developed on different levels and space sequences.

The architecture of the project comes from a careful analysis of the natural context, following the idea of preservation, integration and construction of a new landscape. The uniform planning realize the hinge of the spaces in a way that the visual perceptions become the essential part of the buildings considering any level as a point of view. The fruition of the spaces at different levels are integrated with one another, erasing the distinction between the “inside” and the “outside”. The pattern of the green and accessible spaces creates a combination of nature and city that integrates with the landscape and involve different settings: the commercial one, the handcrafted one, the residential one and the natural one, together in a place characterized by multiple choices of access...

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