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This school building dates back to the beginning of the last century and is under the control of the Italian Monuments and Fine Arts Dept. It is located next to the church of St. Marco in one of the oldest squares of the historic Brera area in the center of Milan. The fine façade has begun to show signs of wear and tear and the inside is no longer adequate for the requirements of the students.
The building is on four floors which house the classrooms, as well as a basement used for storing documents and relevant technology.
In the center is the old courtyard which sets the stage for the school life.
The aim of the project, from the architectural point of view, begins with the restoration of the property’s main façade where there is an important access stairway in natural stone, as well as functional planning inside the building. There are also plans to restore the main hall, the library and the science laboratory.
The project includes updating the safety measures with particular attention to the electric wiring, cables, alarms and fire protection.

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