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The dimensional and constructive issues makes this a mixed-use building. The management of the building will be able to decide which activities could be set at the same time and also which ones will be prevalent. Moreover, the dimensions and structural characteristics of the main hall allow a great flexibility of use, both for competitive or base level; the solution choose for the cover geometry permits an easy use of the main hall, that can be divided in spaces to be used for trainings and exercise of different groups.
It is clear that this modular geometry increases the mixed-use of the building. Technical devices such as acoustic protection systems, movable curtains, and soundproof elements in walls and roof, permit the simultaneous presence of a big number of athletes and trainers. Mixed-use is then not only for sports, but also for social use: the building can be used for meetings, conferences, award ceremonies, exhibitions, conventions, shows and parties, with a total capacity of 5.500 persons.
The architecture design is, indeed, a direct effect of the functions the building was designed for.

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