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The design of the high speed railway line from Oued Tlélat -Tlemcen for a total length of 132 km, represents the fi rst stretch of the planned link from Oued Tlélat to the Moroccan border as part of a wider development plan of the Trans - Maghreb Railway corridor rail link which will provide Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Libya and Egypt. The proposed design provides a double line mixed passenger / freight electrifi ed track (catenary of 25,000 Vc.a). The signaling is performed by an ERTMS system level 2.

The number of stations planned is of three: Oued Tlélat, Sidi Bel Abbes and Tlemcen (also maintenance workshop).
Length of route km 132 ; Passenger Design Speed 200 km/h ; Freigth Design Speed 100 km/h; 3 Railway stations; Maximum longitudinal slope 16% ; Total length of viaducts 17,070 m ; Total length of tunnels 640 m ; 56 Viaducts ; 28 Overpasses ; 29 Underpasses ; 158 Box/pipes culverts.

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