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The restoration of this listed building is located in Via Poerio. It is on 4 floors including a basement.
The architectural project includes the restoration and cleaning of the external façades in strict accordance with the historical importance of the building. The plan for the building and technical plants regards the whole building. Particular care has been given to updating the technical services of the building necessary to run the highly sophisticated technological apparatus in use by the client.
The project includes the interior design of the offices and the space necessary for meetings on the ground floor and basement.
The planning of the interior starting from the necessary diversification of space according to the new activities and the study of the ergonomically destination of the spaces installation of the latest computer systems, thermal insulation and technological flooring.
In accordance to the necessary of the client to have a place for parities and social events the project includes a big kitchen and the basement is designated for catering in
accordance with current laws.


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