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The P.I.I. proposed is aimed at the  redevelopment of the area due to the end of industrial activity and construction of a new settlement mainly residential. The primary objectives of the redevelopment are consistent with those set out in the Document Classification of the Municipality of Milan, in particular:
- to promote the residential function in the city;
- return the green to the city;
- a new centrality.
The project involves the creation of a park overlooked by the new residences and their functions compatible. From a careful use of the tools of negotiated planning is expected to re-stitching a little piece of city that meets the needs of today and that still has strong growth potential. In the project, the public spaces are designed as predominant element, with the dual purpose of creating connections between existing public areas around the area and to integrate the new buildings in the neighborhood. In this sense, the public space is designed as a real function of settlements which, together with the residence and compatible functions generates the mix of project intended to revitalize the area.

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