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The need of a connection between the coastal Adriatic railway line and the Orte-Falconara one in the North side end, was always considered strategic to avoid the obligatory transit of trains in the Falconara Marittima Railway Station with their related operations conducting to considerable loss of time and resource.

This is done by passing the Falconara node and increasing the insufficient capacity of this latter as an alternative route for the freight transport between the Southwest and Northeast of Italy.
The typical cross section consist of two tracks at an interaxis of 4,00 m. The standard platform has a total width total of 12.70m.
The speed limit varies depending on the features of the rail segment interested: 130 km / h for the stretch in the south side direction of Falconara railway station; 100 km / h for the Orte-Falconara; Maximum slope 12 ‰ ; Electrification 3 kV DC ; Signaling system with BAB type 3/3 to current SCC codes.

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