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The design proposal is inserted in a widely shared policy, aimed at encouraging the return of the health care residence in the city,
in order to set off the area and recover its specific peculiarities.
The project, which provides for the Health Care Residence a functional organization based on centers consisting of 10 to 20 beds, equipped with facilities pertaining exclusively to the center and collective health and general services serving the whole structure, is based on a basic module resulting from the consolidation of two double rooms interposed by toilets.

The project, through the three separate elements that form the main hospital nucleus, the cylindrical tower at the center and the two base structures at the ends of wings A and B, generates multiple relations with the urban and architectonic surroundings, with the intention of
configuring itself as core of a piece of city and of restitching a part of the urban suburbs that does not meet the present needs and has not yet strong growth margins...

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