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The new hospital in Kampala, the subject of the concept, will provide excellence in the healthcare landscape of central Africa, designed according to the most modern techniques of Western care.
The project is part of a wider effort to modernize Uganda in line with the intense activity of upgrading infrastructure aimed at local economic and social development of the country.
The project area is located on the axis linking Kampala and Entebbe, in the southern area of the capital and is located on a slope that goes from 1165 meters (north) to 1220 m (south) above sea level. The north, north-east area is the most suitable for the placement of the hospital buildings. It is the most fl at and allows a proper detachment from the main road while ensuring access to the area near and functional.
The south-east area is suitable to place the residential area for nurses and health workers both local and foreign. The buildings will be smaller and will be able to better adapt to the higher altitude.
The area to the west is designed as a recreation area  (with swimming pools, fi tness area and clubs) so as to be easily accessible from the residences,
the hospital but also from external users from the city...

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