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The project is about the requalification of the urban area through a uniform system of  relations between irregular parts of the city and the esteem of different functions that constitutes the reality of the city. From the axis of the Villa Canton and the perspective axis generated by it, the project is developed along the Prato del Marchese. There are also the different elements requested by the competition: the commercial area, the hotels, the sporting areas, the recreational area, the park, the parkings, the ways for walks and bikes. This itinerary is linked to the city centre of Piazza Cavour (retrained as propulsive centre), and of Via Locatelli (retrained as main axis of the activities), until the Sagrato of the Chiesa Parrocchiale and the widening of Piazza Dante. The new multifunctional building enrich the city, giving a space for
cultural, artistic, musical, theatrical events, and exhibitions.

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