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The project envisages the re-adaptation of the spaces for a new utilization as offices. From a compositional point of view the project is represented by a huge transparent facade sheathed in an external metallic shielding structure, designed in accordance with the protective requirements dictated by the various situations of exposure to the sun. The sustainability of the project idea is driven by a combined strategy of energy conservation and attention to the well-being of the users. In particular passive solutions have been adopted, such as, high thermal heat insulation, natural ventilation activated by a solar chimney, utilization of renewable energy, solar protection, diffusion of green areas inside and outside the building. The architecture of the complex generates a distinguishable system as a result of a fluid and translucent volume, covered by a surrounding solar protective shield. A light shield characterized by its vibrating profiles: “brainwaves” intended to represent the essence of intellectual activity.

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